Massachusetts Car Accident Expenses – Who pays for what

You’ve been in a serious car accident along the busy roads of Greater Boston. The damage to your vehicle is great, but that doesn’t measure to the pain you’ve suffered from your injuries. Not only is your car totaled, but you’re about to receive numerous medical bills for thousands of dollars. Who pays for what?

Medical Bills

The state of Massachusetts follows the “no fault” system. When injury occurs from a car accident, automobile insurance will pay up to $2,000 of the medical bills. After that $2,000, either your healthcare coverage, or P.I.P.(Personal Injury Protection) if you did not have health insurance during the accident, will cover the amount appropriate with the insurance you bought. However, P.I.P. will only cover up to $8,000.

In addition to P.I.P., Medical Payments (“MedPay”) coverage may also be available to cover medical bills. Unllike P.I.P., which is compulsory, MedPay is optional. In other words, your policy may have it but it is not required. MedPay is a good supplement to P.I.P. and healthcare coverage and having it may reduce your exposure to having to repay the costs incurred by the health insurance carrier when a case settles.

Lost Wages

During your recovery time, you will probably miss a bit of work. If P.I.P. was not used for medical bills, you may be entitled to use it to recover up to 75% of your lost wages provided that you were not paid during your time of absence.

Pain and Suffering

If another party, due to their own negligence, caused you your injuries, you may be able to receive compensation though a bodily injury claim. However, in Massachusetts, you will not be able to pursue a bodily injury claim unless one of the following has occurred during or because of the car accident: medical bills exceed $2,000, body disfigurement, bone fracture or loss of body part, loss of hearing or sight, or death.

Your medical bills may be exorbitant and you need attorneys who are knowledgeable and experienced in obtaining the compensation you deserve and need from the insurance companies. If you’ve been seriously injured in an automobile accident in the Greater Boston area, please contact us for your free case evaluation and to learn your options.