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All successful cases require thorough preparation and aggressive representation from the hearing process through trial. The insurance companies are well represented and you need representation that will put you on a level playing field. Contact the Massachusetts personal injury law firm of David L. Rubin, Attorney at Law for a consultation regarding your injury.

Car Accident$245,000.00 Settlement

A 33 year old man who was struck in the rear by an SUV, driving at a high rate of speed, causing a second impact with another automobile, coming from the opposite direction, crashing into the victim’s car from the front. Multiple injuries to the victim, including fractures to the Lumbar Spine. Extensive inpatient hospitalization required and months of physical therapy and loss of earnings followed. 20 percent combined loss of function to back and ankle. There were lost wages and lost earning capacity. Successful negotiation and resolution of workers’ compensation lien.

Auto Accident$100,000.00 Settlement

A 47 year old man who was stopped and waiting at a red light when he was struck in the rear by a van, driving at a high rate of speed, whose driver never stopped. Multiple injuries to back, neck and torn labrum and rotator cuff of right shoulder with 23 percent permanent impairment, according to the treating orthopedic surgeon. Successful negotiation of workers’ compensation lien.

Slip & Fall$100,000.00 Settlement

A 65 year old woman slipped and fell on snow and ice in parking lot. Liability based on violations of Sanitary Code, requiring the land owner to provide proper lighting and maintain safe egress, free of snow and ice. Victim suffered a displaced trimalleolar left ankle fracture, requiring open reduction internal fixation. Permanent loss of function and lost earning capacity. $100,000.00 settlement. Successful resolution of workers’ compensation lien.

Dog Bite$170,000.00 Settlement

While on the job, a postal carrier was attacked and bitten by a pit-bull terrier. The incident also caused several herniated discs and back injuries.

Slip & Fall$190,000.00 Settlement

While walking on commercial property a young women slipped on some ice and broke her shoulder and arm.

Auto Accident$230,000.00 Settlement

While on the job, a salesmen crossing a busy street was struck by a forklift truck, sustaining multiple injuries to his back, neck, face as well as psyche.

Negligence$60,000.00 Settlement

An elderly woman was negligently transferred from her wheelchair to her bed by a nursing home assistant causing a broken hip and medical attention.

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