Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol License Transfers in Massachusetts

Our clients include restaurants, hotels, package stores, convenience stores, taverns, clubs and other businesses that sell alcohol to the public.

Attorney David Rubin provides skilled, knowledgeable representation and advice to individuals and businesses seeking a alcohol license and alcohol license transfers.

Alcohol License Application and License Transfers

The alcohol license application in Massachusetts is a detailed document.  It requires extensive information about the reputation of the applicant and his or her financial viability before it can be approved.  Our practice is skilled in navigating the complexities of the application process from the city or town to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC).

A license can be obtained by purchasing it from the city or town where the business is located or by a “transfer” from a private party. We represent local businesses such as package store proprietors, club and restaurant owners, and tavern and bar owners who buy and sell liquor licenses. We know the applicable Massachusetts laws, and David Rubin has appeared many times before licensing commissions, including the Boston Licensing Commission, on behalf of clients seeking alcohol license transfers. To discuss the transfer of a Massachusetts liquor license call us to discuss your circumstances.

We help obtain alcohol licenses in Massachusetts for:

  • hotels
  • package store proprietors
  • restaurant owners
  • nightclubs owners
  • tavern and bar owners
  • seasonal restaurants and establishments

Acquiring a liquor license in Massachusetts

Acquiring a liquor license is only part of the work of setting up an entertainment business. Incorporation, leasing, and land acquisition are all important in the establishment of a club, restaurant, or bar.

Licenses in jeopardy

Sometimes the holder of a license gets in trouble. A common example is an employee sells alcohol to an underage person. This results in an action by the city or town to suspend the license where the business is located, or other action by the ABCC. There may be other situations where the holder of the license runs afoul of the law. Our office is experienced in defending these claims at the administrative level and in court.

An experienced attorney can assist with all of these matters, ensuring that your dream to create an entertainment business goes forward smoothly while limiting your liability and maximizing your chances for success. We serve business clients throughout Greater Boston including the communities of Boston, Dedham, Framingham, Marlborough, Natick, Needham, Newton, Waltham and Worcester.

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