Personal Injury Claim

December 28, 2020

If You’ve Been Injured, Document Every Detail

When you incur an injury at the fault of another, it’s crucial to document your experience from injury to recovery. When filing a personal injury claim, the documentation needed to prove your claim is based on the nature of the injury, the events leading to an incident, and damage resulting from the accident. Every detail is essential. Follow these guidelines for documenting your injury. Official Reports First, immediately following an injury, you should seek medical attention. Doctors are required to create official reports documenting your injuries. Even if the injury doesn’t appear to be severe, having medical documentation can provide a baseline for injuries resulting from an incident later down the road. Be sure to request a copy of the medical report for your records. If any official workers attend your accident, such as police officers or emergency medical staff, you can request copies of their official reports. These reports are considered public record and can be obtained by all parties. Such information can provide a starting point for an investigation into your personal injury claim. Depending on where your injury occurred, additional incident reports may also exist. For example, if you are injured at a business, employees are sometimes […]
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